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£ 75.00


A fabulous gift hamper with two bottles  of Boco, and Dartington crystal glassware

  • 2 bottles of Boco White sparkling wine
  • 2 Dartington crystal Boco glasses
  • 1 presentation hamper
  • Boco and Boco Rosé wine glass mats

Boco White Abv 11.5%

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What is Charmat?

Our expert winemakers have used the Charmat method to create this elegant wine, including a secondary fermentation process in the tank to give it its signature sparkling effervescence. The result is a wine that is crisp and dry with a clean and lingering finish that will leave you wanting more.

Why Charmat?

Our adventurous approach means that by fermenting in tank rather than bottle, the wine can be released earlier, so it is bursting with fruit-driven flavours yet still showcases the crispness of grapes grown in England.

Why Boco?

Boco [bo-co] (determiner)
Old West Sussex dialect meaning ‘lots of’/‘much.’ Derived from French, ‘beaucoup’.

Our definition

This is wine is all about living life to its fullest and a toast to adventure. Boco!


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